Sinopé Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat for Electric Heating 4000 W

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Effortless control, Smart Savings: Discover the Sinopé TH1124WF thermostat – your key to precision heating and energy efficiency in one smart device.

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Final price reflects CA$25 Hydro One instant rebate and CA$5.75 manufacturer discount.
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enables remote access and control via our dedicated and intuitive mobile app, Neviweb, for convenient management from anywhere.
Sleek Design: Features a modern and aesthetically pleasing design to complement your home decor.
Intuitive Programming: Allows for easy customization of heating schedules to suit individual preferences and optimize energy efficiency. You can set a different schedule for each day of the week, up to 8 periods per day.
Energy Usage Tracking: Provides insights into energy consumption and access to real-time data and detailed reports on their heating usage, empowering users to make informed decisions for more sustainable heating practices.
Voice Assistant Compatibility: Integrates with popular voice assistants, adding an extra layer of convenience through voice-activated commands.
User-Friendly Interface: Boasts a user-friendly interface for straightforward setup and day-to-day operation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users of all technical levels.
Backlit Display: Features an elegant backlit display, ensuring clear visibility and ease of use in various lighting conditions. The illuminated screen enhances user experience, especially in low-light environments, providing convenient access to indoor and outdoor temperature information and control settings at any time of the day or night.
Geofencing Capabilities: Equipped with geofencing technology, it can detect users' presence or absence based on their smartphone's location. This feature automatically adjusts the temperature settings when users enter or leave a predefined geographic area, enhancing energy efficiency by ensuring that the heating system operates according to occupancy. Geofencing adds a layer of automation to the thermostat, offering both comfort and energy savings by adapting to daily routines seamlessly.
Early Start Feature: This feature leverages advanced algorithms and user behavior patterns and intelligently predicts and adjusts the indoor temperature to align with your schedule. This proactive approach ensures that your living space is perfectly conditioned upon your return, optimizing comfort while minimizing energy consumption.
TRIAC Technology: Utilizes TRIAC (Triode for Alternating Current) technology, which enables precise and efficient control over electric heating systems. This advanced technology ensures accurate modulation of power levels, contributing to a stable and comfortable environment while optimizing energy consumption. The inclusion of TRIAC technology enhances the thermostat's performance, making it a reliable and energy-efficient choice for regulating electric heating systems with precision.
The Sinopé TH1124WF thermostat works with most high-voltage electric heating systems:
• Baseboard heater
• Convector (short cycle)
• Fan-forced convector (long cycle)
• Radiant ceiling heating
Maximum load (Resistive load only):
16.7 A / 4000 W @ 240 Vac
16.7 A / 2000 W @ 120 Vac
Minimum load
Baseboard, convector, and radiant ceiling
2 A / 500 W @ 240 Vac
2 A / 240 W @ 120 Vac
Fan-forced convector
4.16 A / 1000 W @ 240 Vac
4.16 A / 500 W @ 120 Vac
Maximum one fan-forced convector per thermostat.
Sold by CLEAResult Canada Inc.
In order to be eligible for the offer, the following requirements must be met:
  • Applicant must be a residential Hydro One electric service customer at the time of equipment installation.
  • Primary heating system must be electric and compatible with thermostat.
  • Applicant home must have always-on home wifi.
  • Discounts are available on a first come, first serve basis and are contingent upon available program funding and subject to the terms and conditions.