Hydro One myEnergy Rewards Program Procedures


Effective March 27, 2023


This document describes the parameters under which Hydro One may call demand response (“DR”) events, and the participant incentives and participant obligations in the Hydro One myEnergy Rewards Program (the “Program”). Hydro One reserves the right to amend these Procedures at any time and at its sole discretion.

The Program is voluntary and utilizes residential customers’ smart thermostats to automatically and temporarily adjust their centrally controlled cooling systems at times of peak demand in order to support system reliability. The Program also allows Hydro One to responsibly modernize grid infrastructure while saving ratepayers money over the long term.

Participants are set up for yearly auto renewal rewarded by a yearly participation incentive but can withdraw from the program at any time by calling 1-888-408-6030. Participants can also opt out of individual DR events by manually adjusting their thermostats during events.

1.0 DR Event Parameters

The exact number and timing of events will be determined by Hydro One at its sole discretion. Events will typically be called when one or more of the following circumstances are forecasted:

  • Demand on the Ontario grid or the localized areas of the distribution system forecasted to reach 90% or more of the historical peak
  • Outside air temperature at or greater than 25°C



Hydro One may also call DR events to test the distributed energy resource management system (“DERMS”) platform. The DR event parameters depend on the type of Participating Device enrolled in the Program.

1.1 Smart Thermostats

  • No more than fifteen (15) DR events will be called in a calendar year
  • No more than forty (40) hours of total DR events will be called in a calendar year
  • No more than three (3) events will be called in the same calendar week
  • DR event lengths will vary, from a minimum of one (1) hour to a maximum of four (4) hours
  • During an event, the thermostat setpoint temperature will be adjusted by 2-4oC1






2.0 Participation Incentives

2.1 New Participant Incentive (New Enrolment for 2023 Program Year)

Upon being accepted into the Program, an upfront one-time $75 New Participant Incentive per household is payable to the eligible participant in one of the following forms:

  • A $75 gift card for participants enrolling their previously owned device, OR
  • A $75 instant discount off the cost of a qualifying smart thermostat purchased from the Program Marketplace.



Participants are not eligible to receive the one-time New Participant Incentive if the participant or participating device has previously been enrolled in the program at any time.

  • For clarity, if a participant has previously enrolled a smart thermostat in the Program and later replaces this device with a new smart thermostat, the participant would not be eligible to receive a second New Participant Incentive.

2.2 Yearly Participation Incentive

A Yearly Participation Incentive for the next program year will be communicated to existing participants before December 31 to reward continued participation.


3.0 Participant Obligations


In order to participate in the Program, participants must have all of the following:

  • Wi-fi that is always on
  • A central cooling system that is controlled by your smart thermostat
  • An eligible smart thermostat model
  • Be a residential customer in Hydro One’s service territory